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Advance Planning


Bryan-Lee Funeral Home always strives to provide quality service to meet the needs of the families we are privileged to serve. We firmly believe that the greatest service we provide to the community is Advance Planning of funerals. It is a sure and certain way to diminish the heartaches and difficulties involved in making those decisions when death does occur.

As a funeral home we are motivated to look for the best possible options for our families. We are proud to present Columbian Life Insurance.

North Carolina Consumer Protections for Pre-Arranged Funeral Planning

• A copy of all pre-need contracts must be filed with the North Carolina Board of Funeral Service which then guarantees their performance. Funeral homes usually collect the $20 filing fee in addition to the price of the contract.

• Funds received for pre-arranged funeral plans must be placed in a bank trust account or a life insurance policy, usually with the funeral home named as beneficiary. North Carolina funeral homes are only allowed to collect money at the time services are performed. This ensures that the funds will be available when services are requested.

• Bryan-Lee Funeral Homes and Crematory offers an inflation-proof pre-need contract which locks in specific selected services and merchandise to be provided by the funeral home in the future at current prices. The funds are invested by the insurance company and the funeral home takes the risk that the investment growth will keep up with inflation and increased costs.

• Pre-need contracts are transferable. Should your circumstances change or your family chooses a different funeral home at the time of need, the full amount of the account can be used to pay for services from any funeral home.

• You may also set aside additional money to go toward other funeral related expenses such as flowers, cemetery fees, clergy honorarium, obituaries, etc.

• You may choose to sign a pre-need contract as revocable or irrevocable. (Irrevocable pre-need contract funds are exempt from being counted as assets when applying for Medicaid assistance.)

• Under the Funeral Rule by the authority of the Federal Trade Commission, anyone who discusses funeral arrangements with a funeral service provider must be given a copy of the provider’s General Price List for their retention.

• Funeral homes must comply with OSHA regulations.

Advance Planning Guide