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The funeral business is one that people don’t pay much attention to until they lose someone precious in their lives. That’s why you might not have known that Bryan-Lee is the only family owned and operated funeral home in the Raleigh, Garner, and Angier area. Other funeral homes have sold out to big corporations, but you should be aware that these corporations charge much higher prices and runs things very differently than we do. And that’s not fluffed advertising, it’s straight facts. In addition to being a complete funeral establishment, Bryan-Lee sets its own prices, opens and closes its own graves, and has its own monument operation.

The most popular corporate chain that is eating up local funeral homes across the nation is Service Corporation International (SCI). They own more than 2,100 funeral homes and cemeteries in 45 states, 8 Canadian provinces, DC, and Puerto Rico, controlling more than 15% of the industry.

How do small family owned funeral homes like Bryan-Lee survive?

  1. More affordable rates
  2. Individual and personalized care
  3. Genuine employees & atmosphere
  4. Referrals and return business

Bryan-Lee is not a product business—we are a service business. Our goal is not to sell you on the products or packages we offer; rather, we sell a promise to provide the best service and personal care we could possibly offer. Our clients become family as we see generations pass through. You’re not just another face here. When you visit our offices, you’ll find familiar faces instead of a sea of revolving strangers.

For a deeper look into SCI and the corporate funeral home chain, here’s a detailed article »

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