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Lunch & Learns for Pre-Planning

We’ve always tried our best to educate our potential and loyal clients about each service we offer and the importance of making decisions that best represent the individual. One of the ways we offer education is through our monthly Lunch & Learns, where we provide information about Pre-Planning while providing a hot meal. We use this opportunity to educate you about how the process works, the benefits of it, and who would find the most value in it. This is a wonderful time we set aside to give you our knowledge and expertise to allow you to make the best suited choice for you.

These Lunch & Learn opportunities occur once a month, usually at Golden Corral. Lunch and dinner options will be available from February 2016 – June 2016 as of present. These sessions are open to anyone who is curious about pre-planning and its benefits. Join us for dinner on us at one of the following dates with any questions, concerns, or comments where we will be happy to professionally guide you.

2016 Lunch & Learn Dates

  • January 14, 2016 (Lunch only)
  • February 11 (Lunch & dinner)
  • March 17 (Lunch & dinner)
  • April 14 (Lunch & dinner)
  • May 12 (Lunch & dinner)
  • June 16 (Lunch & dinner)