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Not Sure About An Out of State Death?

Out of State Death

The passing of a loved one is enough to handle in and of itself–the grieving process is not a brief stage of emotion. It can be overwhelming, confusing, encapsulating. This makes the thought of planning a funeral, handling a will, going through belongings, perhaps even selling a house or having to relocate a monster that you are not emotionally ready to deal with, much less handle in the most efficient way. An out of state death can be difficult to handle, especially if you aren’t from the area of the deceased. Bryan-Lee seeks to make this a smooth process for you and your family. We, as professionals and a family operated funeral home, are ready to help you in your difficult times. This includes taking care of every detail we can in order to allow your peace of mind, whether near or far.

If the death occurs outside of North Carolina, you should call Bryan-Lee at (919) 772-8225. We can coordinate with a local funeral director at the place of death. Being a member of several national association, Bryan-Lee often can save families money by having our company make arrangements.