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6 Benefits of Advance Planning with Bryan-Lee

  • You are able to take responsibility for your arrangements.
    • Along with all the other responsibilities you should take care of ahead of time, such as will and estate planning, funeral arrangements create an emotional and financial burden on the ones you’ll leave behind. Plan your funeral in advance to protect them when you’re gone.
  • Your family won’t have to guess what you would have wanted.
    • Making difficult decisions during difficult times is the best way to become even more overwhelmed. With your wishes planned ahead of time, you are alleviating your family’s stress so that they can properly grieve.
  • Your family can avoid emotional spending.
    • In times of grief, money has no value. Your family might over purchase for your funeral without even realizing it, or they might even feel obligated to provide a beautiful ceremony when your wishes were simple and less extravagant.
  • Your service will be personalized for you.
    • When you are able to plan your funeral in advance, you take control of your service, and all of the elements that are included. You should celebrate your life in a way that reflects you. There’s no need to let someone else try to reflect your life, no matter how well they know you.
  • You have control over the value and quality.
    • By shopping around in advance, you allow yourself ample time to compare different funeral homes and cemeteries to make the best choice. You also allow your family valuable insight into what kind of funeral atmosphere you want. These discussions can sometimes be difficult or awkward, but your family will be thankful to have a time of mourning and remembrance without fretting over the unknowns.
  • You can lock in today’s prices.
    • This is perhaps one of the most important advantages of pre-planning in terms of finances. By funding your arrangements now, you will avoid rising prices which will save your family the costly funeral expenses when the time comes. It’s very important to talk to a funeral professional when planning for the future in order to understand your options.

Advance Planning is a sure and certain way to diminish the heartaches and difficulties involved in making those decisions when death does occur. As a funeral home, we are motivated to look for the best possible options for our families. We are proud to present Columbian Life Insurance.